HOV POD Hovercraft- Built for Leisure & Pressure in Pateros, National Capital Region for sale

HOV POD Hovercraft- Built for Leisure & Pressure
HOV POD Hovercraft- Built for Leisure & Pressure

The Hov Pod has been designed to make leisure hovercraft ownership easy, we have popularised hovercraft technology for leisure use. Until now, most small hovercraft has been limited to self-build kits and racing craft; our approach is different, we focus on ease of use, reliability, durability and safety. You don’t need to be a pilot to drive one, the Hov Pod design is so easy that after 10 minutes you will have mastered the basics.
Hov Pods floats on a cushion of air; it glides across sea, lakes, rivers, grassland, marsh, sand, snow and ice! No need to bother about tide times or slipways - turn the key and go! And if there’s no water around, no worries, you don't need water to have fun. Hov Pod cruise on land.
"With global warming and climate change, flood can strike anywhere... Ensure your safety nd survival, get your own Hovercraft- "Hov Pod", a land and water vehicle. You can have it as a personal leisure craft, sports vehicle, all-terrain mariner, a desert dueller, a snowmobile, a coastal patrol, survey or flood rescue vehicle or use it for beach resort, river challenge or marshland tour & recreation rental craft.
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